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If you have a website with regular visits to our hosts enough for your needs,But big businesses, to host more than one web hosting need, whenever resources are not enough for your typical dedicated server web Azaran requires you to be covered.
Buy hosting and professional services by Azaran web hosting, 24 are supported.
The powerful HP servers that usually includes generation and generation 8 9 with 99.9% are always clear. Because the original device software using Windows, antivirus, mail server and for hosting web Azaran your rank in search engines is also due to the quality of the site will be higher.

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Site design and Organizational Design Portal

Site design ، Organizational Design Portal، Design online store، Dedicated Web design

  • Organizational Design Portal

    One of the Azaran web products is portal designed for large organizations and companies.Portal site similar to and different from that of a site under different sites and levels of access to different parts of the entrance gate is an organizational structure.If you want to about the Organizational and how to design and architecture portal Read more Read more Organizational portal design.

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  • Responsive Site design

    Azaran web content management system that is used to Site design a special feature.The system is different and much more advanced on simple instruments. CMS web Azaran 8 is the default interface.If you need to Site design a specific graphical shell that seems to you like a website,You will be responsible for responsive design layouts.

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  • Design online store

    Today, most users for Site design, web store design.Azaran web by taking the latest standards of online stores including Amazon, DigiKala and ... a comprehensive definition is achieved.If you want to design your site online store, you can contact us and get a free consultation or more information on the design of the site above.

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Customer relationship management software (CRM)

Customer satisfaction and increase sales

What do I get for my CRM?

Taking into account the customer relationship management can provide numerous benefits to organizations that continue to mention some of them are : As one of the most important assets of an organization are its customers, using this approach, retain current customers and encourage them to purchase this ground for organizational survival is the main goal of any organization.

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What is CRM?

An acronym for Customer Relationship Management means managing customer relationships.One strategy is to learn more about customers' needs and behaviors to communicate more they are used. Good customer relationships is the key to success in trade and business.

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