Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) Pricing - Lifetime License 

Tariffs for CRM Software Azaran Web Editor 3.3
Capabilities Module prices Startup Pack Economic pack Large Company Pack Enterprise Pack
Web-Based And Local Network Version
Capability To Define Company Per Company 8.000$  1 1 1 2
Capability To Define Branch Per Branch 500$ 1 1 2 5
Capability To Define Departments
Capability To Define Users Per User 300$ 2 5 10 Unlimited
CRM Dashboard With Personalization Options
Customer Bank
Custom Customer Dashboard
Manage Customer Feedback
Client Contact
Phonebook (By Customer Group) 250$
Customer Attachments
Call Summaries
Latest Personal Calls 100$
Latest Branch Calls 100$
Contact's Dashboard (Voip) 350$
Calculate The Amount Of Talk Of Each User 100$
Calculate Conversation Costs 50$
Full Information On Incoming Outgoing Calls 400$
Capability To Define Default Templates 150$
Customer Club 1.200$
Customer Awards 100$
Work Flow Management 350$
Work Flow Engine 1.200$
HR tracker | Up To 10 Free Users At First Year (Cost Per Month After One Year Per Each User 10$ USD ) 1.000$
SMS Messenger 400$
Smart Calendar 300$
Email Marketing Manager 250$
Form Generator 700$
Professional Ticketing System 300$
Android App For Ticketing (Client Side) 50$
Product Manager 300$
Reports From Customers
Reports From Calls
Reports From Calendar 100$
Calendar-Based Session Manager 100$
Reports From Work Flow 100$
Reports From Commerce Transaction 100$
Reports From Ticketing 100$
After Sales Service Module 100$
Scheduled Reminders 300$  
Capability To Get Global Backup Of The Entire System
Ability To Apply Management Preferences By The CRM Manager
Notes Module 50$  
Social Network Module 300$
Capability To Activate VOIP System Call  
Connectivity With Other Software Call  
Separated Mail Server
Free Installation And Establishment
Free Training Class One Session Two Sessions Three Sessions Four Sessions
Free Support 3 Mounth 6 Mounth 6 Mounth 1 Year
Ability To Implement Extensibility And Dedicated Module
Technical Support: Installing Service Packs, Technical Guidance And Database Optimization
Provide Technical Documentation In PDF File Format
Price - USD 600 $ 1500 $ 2200 $ 7800 $

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